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House Project - Devon
We have maximised space and storage

We worked with this customer to ensure that we made the most of the available space. Our out of the box thinking allowed us to create a kitchen area and utility room that has the most space possible.

Stunning and thoughtful design

Here at KitchenWorld, we have been working on a stunning home, providing our services for the kitchen, bathroom and three bedrooms.

Our customer here was concerned about the space available, to help with this we have applied our knowledge and experience to ensure that the space is utilsed and not wasted. By simply altering a wall, we have been able to set a number of appliances into the walls to create a much wider space within the kitchen, all without losing space on the other side of the wall.

"We have maximised the space throughout this home with box of the box thinking and planning."
- Bob, KitchenWorld
Kitchen Design Devon
Kitchen Design Devon
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